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payment methods

When you visit the store and decide to buy a product, click on the product and specify the required quantity, then click on the "add to cart" icon.

If you intend to continue shopping, click on the "Continue Shopping" icon to choose what you want from our products in the store

When you decide to end the purchase process, you can click on the "End the Purchase Process" icon.

Then log in to Al Rabie Mart store by entering your email address and password.

If you are a new user, create a new user account with simple steps by clicking on the "Subscribe" icon

Then register your private data (your name, surname, email, mobile number, password, and the final acceptance of the conditions)

Then clicking Continue, you will be successfully registered

Then click on "Complete the application" and record your address information (city, neighborhood name, street name, the nearest landmark you have)

Then choose a payment method that suits you

Now you can approve the request, and a message with the order number will reach you to your mobile number and email address

Pay cash on receipt: In the Riyadh region, and through our representatives, you can pay cash on receipt to pay the bill for your purchases.

Pay with your credit card:  ( Mada - Visa - MasterCard): You can use your credit card to pay your total purchases easily through a 100% secure and reliable payment gateway.