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white straw bendableMaterial: plasticMeasure: 5 ml Length:12 cmNumber :100 ..
SAR 2.30
Ex Tax: SAR 2.00
A unique and rich experience that makes you feel comfortableWipes saturated with the finest oriental perfumesIt contains isopropyl alcohol, which kills germsand bacteriaFor restaurants, for parties, for hotels, at school, at home, in the carThe number is 100 envelopes for external use only..
SAR 19.55
Ex Tax: SAR 17.00
Plastic cups are ideal in parties and large occasions as they are used for once an appropriate amount that suits your need. Plastic cups are very convenient and can save a lot of time and energy to wash them as they can be disposed of directly after use. Plastic cups for single use White 50 pieces s..
SAR 2.30
Ex Tax: SAR 2.00
Pre-rolled with a durable yet disposable napkin and featuring a butter knife, spoon and fork, these luxurious silvertone cutlery sets are an amazing way to make a wedding reception or celebration dinner shine. They're beautiful, affordable, and best of all, reusable. Includes 10 of each: spoon, fork..
SAR 23.00
Ex Tax: SAR 20.00
Plastic plate, oblong, National, No. 1/212*9 CM..
SAR 3.45
Ex Tax: SAR 3.00
Rectangular plastic bowl.the color is whiteRectangular shapeSize: 20 * 27 cm..
SAR 14.95
Ex Tax: SAR 13.00
 Reema nylon bagsUsed for all packaging purposes Saudi industry Color: Transparent  Size 6 cm 85 bags..
SAR 3.45
Ex Tax: SAR 3.00
Freezer Bag (Size 8) , 10 Roll X 130 Pcs..
SAR 6.90
Ex Tax: SAR 6.00
 trash bags scented 50 gallon 95 * 83 cm from Rema ..
SAR 6.90
Ex Tax: SAR 6.00
For special occasions, parties and holidays.Also used for sweets, nuts and more.Single use.very lite.Easy to carry and store.Made of plastic ....
SAR 4.60
Ex Tax: SAR 4.00
A wide white straw is not bendableMaterial: plastic.Measure: 10 ml Length:19cmNumber :100 ..
SAR 10.35
Ex Tax: SAR 9.00
Al-Qusour dining table, 140 x 140 cm, luxurious, serratedThick, premium plastic food travel.Luxurious and large, the Al-Qusour dining table is ideal for all happy occasions and dinner invitations. Spread it on the dining table to keep it clean and dry. Made of leak-proof plasticIts exquisite design ..
SAR 16.00
Ex Tax: SAR 13.91
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