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Gentle Replenishing Conditioner DETAILS - Essential, weightless conditioning provides hair with the body without buildup resulting in a healthier scalp and refreshed hair. Conditions and detangles. - Enhances softness and shine. Reduces split ends and frizz. Anti-breakage formula. - The amount of pr..
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Dettol Fresh Soap with Fresh Citrus Scent and Dettol's trusted protection from germs helps skin retain moisture to keep feeling healthy and refreshed.product specification100% better protection from germsFeeling refreshingAnti-bacterialDoctors recommend it..
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A lightening face cream enriched with advanced multi vitamins and essential moisturizers that gives you fair and soft skin. - Gives you an even complexion - Extra moisture for smoother skin - Provides sun protection..
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Ultra absorbent technology and protect you  and recommended Saudi sanitary pads by the Saudi Society for Gynecology.Top layer of cotton to give you nice protection.Comfortable and soft touch.Anti-allergic and does not cause any irritation.Do not show on clothes...
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Garnier Color Naturals is a permanent nourishing hair colourant with up to 100% grey hair coverage.Our after colour hair conditioner is enriched with avocado oil, olive oil and shea butter, it nourishes hair even after colouring.With Garnier Color Naturals, nourished hair means better colour...
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Group componentsMoroccan soap with olive oil.Moroccan loofah.Moroccan silt.Peacock soap.Touchstone for the foot.Felt cap.Fruit soap..
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Gillette Blue 2 Plus razor features two anti-friction blades for an easy and smooth shave, and is designed for smooth access to tricky areas, and the blade features an anti-slip handle.Size: 14 pieces 10 + 4 free..
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 Gloves without powder, size XL (70 pieces)  Gloves without powder, size XL (70 pieces)
-15 %
Gloves without powder, size XL (70 pieces) Anti-allergic kitchen gloveSoft and clean, can be used in daily household activities..
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Hamsa Incense for OudA pleasant smell to evaporate homes, mosques and officesA constant smell for more than 24 hours around..
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 Fast absorbing core Designed for maximum comfort and dry feeling New uplifting design with floral patterns Clean and quiet one touch wrap Quick and quiet removal of peel and pouch in one go Description: Meet your new Maxi Night-time Pads, thick with high absorbency to give you extra reassuranc..
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Deodorant makes you feel fresh in the ocean, takes you to vital perfumes, and guarantees 48 hours of protectionSuits your lifestyle. Dermatologically tested by Nivea.It is also free from alcohol and colors, which makes it completely safe on the skin and protects you against sweatingIt keeps you clea..
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Lifebuoy hand wash cool freshness and protection from germsEquipped with Active Silver Formula - Provides 99.9% protection from germs-causing infections in just 10 secondsSuper Fast Baby Hand Wash: protect against germs in just 10 secondsHelps protect you and your children from infection in one..
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